Marianne Williamson (1952-), US spiritual teacher, author, lecturer

‘We are all meant to shine…’

For those with an interest in public speaking or personal development.

Happy New Year!

A comment made to me recently has made me think much about confidence. And how some people have it. And others do not.

I could weep when I think of family members who have been bursting with talent. Yet their lives have been hugely compromised by their unconfidence. And lack of opportunity. And lack of support. A vicious circle.

And now they are at the end of their lives and it is too late to showcase their unique talent to the world. Or, sadly, some have passed away without ever letting their talent out publicly.

Because of these life experiences, I want to help others not compromise their lives like this.

So my New Year’s resolution is simple: Whether a government; an organisation; or an individual, my resolution is to help you. To be the best.

My public speaking training and services are deliberately constructed to be confidence boosting, motivational and inspiring. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Indeed, the quote shown above is from a verse written by Marianne Williamson – Our Deepest Fear – which you will read out on the first public speaking training session. So please, don’t hide your light away. Let it shine. So that you, and the people around you, can lead the best life possible. Before it is too late. Let me help you to do that.

With love

Ms Kim Crosby
Managing Director
Public Speaking Matters

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