Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936), English journalist, poet, and novelist

Public Speaking Matters I

Public speaking training course

Words are… the most powerful drug used by mankind
Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936), English journalist, poet and novelist

The Effective Professional: Communicating with Confidence I

Do you want to:

  • Improve your communication skills?
  • Speak confidently at informal meetings or formal events, online or offline?
  • Capture and hold the attention of others?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then do join us on this public speaking training course.

The purpose of the training is to equip you with communication skills that will be invaluable in work and life.

Developing public speaking skills improves one to one communication too. And, whether communicating with 1, 10, 100 or more people, the same techniques apply, online or offline. Also, by encouraging you to consider the words that you use to communicate verbally, written communication improves also.

As the international language for communication is English, the training will be delivered in this language. But the principles learned can be used in other languages too.

To provide you with consistency in terms of your Continuing Personal Development (CPD), the training is based on the Toastmasters International (TM) model, which enables the development of communication and leadership skills via a network of approximately 14,700 TM clubs worldwide.

Also, the TM model (and thus this training course) is consistent with the techniques used by speakers featured on the popular TED Talks ( website; the acronym stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design).


Course structure

Delivered in an understanding, supportive and encouraging environment, you will learn how to:


Breathe like a singer (to control nerves and emotions, and to improve voice projection)


Know your audience

Speak to time

Have a purpose

Have a structure

Create compelling content

Work with Words

Use appropriate vocal variety

Consider body language

Consider props (visual aids)

Do impromptu speaking (ie ‘thinking on your feet’ which is helpful when speaking up at meetings; or dealing with Question and Answer (Q&A) sessions); delivering an Elevator Pitch; etc).

Introduce speakers (ie when being a Chair / Master of Ceremonies / Toastmaster)


Note: There will be preparation to do prior to the session. And, as the training is intensive, you are encouraged not to arrive late, leave early or take time out of the training, as this will compromise the learning experience. Thank you.

If, after attending the above training course, you would wish to develop your public speaking skills further, see the second course, Public Speaking Matters II



Customers for this public speaking training include, but are not limited to, Orange Business (delivered physically or virtually, globally); Associated British Ports; Institution of Civil Engineers; Imperial College, University of London; Juniper Networks; ShoreTel; Tier-3; and charities including Blind Veterans; Carers UK; and Mind.

The training has been delivered in Amsterdam; Brussels; Bratislava; Cairo; Dubai; Dublin; Frankfurt; Geneva; Luxembourg; Milan; Moscow; Rolle (Switzerland); Stockholm; Zurich; and throughout the United Kingdom.

Approximately 1000 delegates, from all backgrounds and of various nationalities, have attended the public speaking training and 100% of feedback has been positive.

Course Details

Ms Kim Crosby. Kim is a past president of one of the UK’s oldest public speaking clubs; is an award winner at the UK & Ireland public speaking championships; and is an Advanced Communicator Gold (ACG)

£550 per delegate to attend a one day intensive public speaking training course. This fee includes delivery of the training; a comprehensive booklet and articles that support the training session; and video of each delegate (if desired).

Alternatively, the training can be delivered cost-effectively in-house for organisations, either offline or online. Or the training can be delivered 1:1.

Who should attend this training?

Why attend the training?
Better representation of yourself and the organisation that you speak for.

Where is the training held?
Public sessions of the training are normally held in Central London or are delivered virtually.

Or the training can be delivered in-house for organisations, online or offline, worldwide.

When does the training take place?
The course timings are normally 09:00-17:30 local time, with refreshments from 08:30 hours. There could be some flexibility with these timings, depending on local need. Note: The session is intensive with short breaks.

Maximum number of attendees:
To maximise practice time for delegates (the only way to learn this key life skill), the training session is capped at 6 attendees, for online or offline delivery.

Learning outcomes:

  • Improved communication skills when speaking to audiences of 1 or more people
  • Improved ability to capture and hold the attention of others
  • Improved self image and corporate image